Saily eSIM Review 2024 : Pros and Cons, Cost, Customer support

This article is about the 2024 review of Saily eSIM, discussing its pros and cons, cost-effectiveness, and the quality of customer support. It highlights Saily’s flexible data plans, easy activation process, and global coverage in over 150 countries, while noting the lack of voice call support and unlimited data options.

what is Saily eSIM?

Saily, crafted by the minds behind NordVPN, introduces an innovative eSIM service designed to deliver convenient internet connectivity globally. Unlike conventional SIM cards, eSIMs are embedded digitally, enabling you to change data plans instantly without the need for physical swaps. Saily stands out with its flexible data plans available in over 150 countries, boasting rapid connectivity speeds, and has quickly become one of the top eSIM providers available.

In this evaluation of Saily, we rigorously test its features, including network coverage, pricing structures, the activation process, and overall user-friendliness. We aim to determine if Saily truly delivers on its promise of straightforward, cost-effective internet access across the globe.

⭐ Rating: 4.9
– Overall rank: #1
– Price: Starts at $2.99 (1GB for 7 days)
– Countries: 150+
– Available cellular networks: 3G, 4G, 5G
– Phone call capability: ❌
– Mobile hotspot support: ✅

Saily Pros and Cons

Accessible in over 150 countries
Intuitive application interface
Quick activation process
Compatible with both Android and iOS devices
Transparent pricing
Round-the-clock live chat support
Enables mobile hotspot usage

Lacks support for phone calls or SMS (data only)
Requires internet for initial setup
Limited to basic features
No unlimited data options
Explore more about Saily’s features by visiting their website

What types of plans does Saily provide?

  • Saily concentrates on individual country-based connectivity. This means that currently, they do not offer regional or global eSIM plans. Instead, Saily supplies a range of local eSIM plans tailored to each of the over 150 countries they cover.

These local eSIM plans let you select a data package specifically designed for your destination, ensuring a stable connection via that country’s networks.

Within these local offerings, Saily has various data volumes (from 1GB to 20GB) and durations (both weekly and monthly) to choose from.

Additionally, like other international eSIM services, Saily provides a top-up feature. If you’re running low on data, simply add more through the Saily app. Just open the app, select your eSIM, choose “Add data,” pick your location, complete the transaction, and activate your new data.

What are Saily’s costs?

Saily’s eSIM pricing varies by country. For instance, a 30-day plan with 10GB in the US costs $22.99, while in Turkey, it’s only $8.99. Prices start at $2.99 for 1GB over 7 days.

Here are some of Saily’s plan options you might consider:

1GB – 7 days
3GB – 7 days
5GB – 30 days
10GB – 30 days
Try out Saily today (Link)

Does Saily support phone calls?

While Saily provides convenient mobile data for travelers, it is primarily focused on internet access, not supporting voice calls or SMS.

However, you can still keep in touch using VoIP services like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram, which allow free calls and texts over a data connection.

Customer Support of Saily

Navigating new services, especially while abroad, can be daunting. Therefore, Saily offers various support channels to assist you 24/7:

24/7 live chat
Help center
Phone line
We tested each customer service method provided by Saily.

The live chat feature quickly connects you to support agents; it took about 1-2 minutes to connect.
The agents provided thorough answers promptly, with additional follow-up via email. Although Saily’s support is generally geared towards basic inquiries, the live chat can effectively resolve more complex issues.

Total FAQ of Saily eSIM Service

For those preferring to troubleshoot independently, Saily’s help center offers FAQs and troubleshooting guides.

What devices are compatible with Saily eSIM?
Saily eSIM is likely compatible with any mobile device that supports eSIM technology. Here’s how you can verify if your device is compatible:

Check your phone model online to see if it supports eSIM.
Access the settings menu on your device to look for eSIM options under Mobile Network or SIM card management.
Contact your mobile carrier for confirmation.
For detailed compatibility information, visit the eSIM compatibility section on different devices.

Activating and Using Saily eSIM

Starting with Saily is straightforward. The app is well-designed and user-friendly. Here’s a quick guide to purchasing, activating, and using your Saily eSIM:

Download the Saily app from the App Store or Google Play.

Register using your Google or Apple ID.
Select your travel destination in the app.

Choose a data plan that suits your needs.

Complete your purchase with a valid payment method.

After purchase, navigate to the eSIMs tab in the app to begin activation.
The payment options include Google Pay and most major credit and debit cards. Apple Pay is not currently supported.

To activate your Saily eSIM:

Open the app and go to your eSIMs.
Find and select Activate eSIM.

Click the installation button in the app, which will guide you through setting up the eSIM on your phone.
Follow the prompts to complete installation and activation.

Refer to the app for specific in-country setup instructions for mobile data.

It’s advisable to install the app and activate your plan before your trip since activation requires an internet connection.
Saily eSIM emerges as a strong player in the crowded eSIM market, ideal for those seeking straightforward internet access without the burdens of high roaming charges and managing multiple SIM cards.

While it currently lacks multi-region plans, Saily’s focus on local eSIMs offers cost-effectiveness for single-country visits. The application-driven process simplifies both purchasing and activation, and the range of data plans allows for customization according to your needs. However, remember that Saily does not support voice calls or SMS, so alternative communication methods like VoIP should be considered. Overall, Saily presents a promising option for budget-conscious travelers seeking hassle-free data access.

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